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Journal of No. 118

July 5th, 2003

BBQ - 4th @ 12:50 pm

All yummy.

I got separated from the herd, so missed out on wherever they were going for fireworks, but I went out to the middle of Venice Pier, which had decent views of the Marina show, and it was clear enough to see fireworks in Santa Monica, Malibu and maybe Manhattan Beach?
Lots of people at the beach had brought their own fireworks, and some were practically professional-quality. They were shooting them off over the ocean, so they were right in front of me out on the middle of the pier. o
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Date:July 5th, 2003 02:29 pm (UTC)


Most of the main group ended up stopping at in intersection on Washington, watching fireworks between buildings on the Marina. We had one casualty who made it a block shy of that, but had four attendees to watch with her in the lobby of the Holiday Inn.

Those that could came back and chatted for an hour while I tried to foist more food and drink on people.

It was fun, and I finally stop smelling like I spent the day in a lava vent.


Journal of No. 118