No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

I... am... a... DUNGEONMASTER (again)

Last night I DM'ed my first session of D&D since 1990 [when I ran a nostalgic (hah) game of 1st edition AD&D for about 20 people at the apartment on Ophir.]

But this was no nostalgia-fest. Nosirree. This was cutting edge d20 3.5 WotC OMGWTFBBQ D&D in Eberron/Worldprime.

I wasn't so sure about the combat and magic mechanics, so I just had the characters moving furniture. You think I jest. The players were good about rolling with the set-up, and I think it all went reasonably well, and I've laid the seeds of future adventures, should I decide to pick up the threads and DM again.

Have you ever wanted to be "Michigan J. Frog"? Go for it.
Tags: bio, game, nostalgia

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