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The League Sinister

League Sinister was last night. An excellent LARP of second-rate villains trying to make the big time... admission into the League Sinister. There were two vacancies in the League, due to the nobadnik activities of certain superheroes. For what it's worth, the game was set in the 1960's.

I was playing Dr. Eugen Knauer, a Nazi scientist (formerly involved with the Lebensborn project) sometimes known as Dr. Eugenics. With my DNA injection gun, I can temporarily transform my middle aged self into a powerful Aryan Übermensch... or transform my victims with the degenerate DNA of the lesser races, making them feebleminded and weak.

Like all of the villains, I was very busy executing capers to gain prestige. And this necessitated forming teams of villains as well, relying on their particular expertise to navigate the difficulties of the capers. I took part in enough capers that I really don't remember it all, or who was involved on which caper, but here are some highlights.

Madame Ice came to me early on, wondering if I would be interested in helping to liberate a monkey from a Soviet research lab. I happened to know that this monkey had been transplanted with Lenin's brain, and I had no particular love for the Soviets. My other underground Nazi friends would be counting on me to eliminate the Lenin-monkey, and now I knew that a race was on. I assembled my team and, though we had some difficulty with the Red Army, Mr. Franco's reputation as a hired gun is by no means exaggerated. After dispatching with the Army and the ape guards, he put a very professional end to the Lenin-monkey.

I went on a couple failed missions led by well-dressed criminal mastermind Aaron Vanek and spent some time in jail.

Since I had recently kidnapped one of her chief candy scientists, I knew Miss Pixie was not likely to be an ally. Nor was it a great surprise when I heard from my laboratory assistant that the scientist had been re-kidnapped. I agreed to go on a mission for Electroshock in return for his help and muscle on a re-re-kidnapping.

Electroshock was on a mission of revenge against the Paci-Fist, who had a strange lair in Shangri-La or some similar locale. It was a difficult fight, but with the aid of some powerful villains Electroshock was able to beat the Paci-Fist. Just as Electroshock was about to cast the uperhero from a high Tibetan crag, I stayed his hand and offered him the services of DER EXTRACTOR, my fiendish deathtrap. Nothing loth to see the Paci-Fist suffer further, Electroshock placed the hero in Der Extractor and watched with glee as it sucked the power, blood and DNA from his body. The Paci-Fist, one of the members of the Liberty Corps, was dead! And I had his genetic essence! Mwahahaha!

We villains moved on to attacking Miss Pixie's candy factory. The Pinky Winkies were no match for my potent allies, and after my scientific training got us through the dangerous areas of the factory, we re-re-kidnapped Dr. Billy Bahnke and replaced him in my mountain laboratory.

In a later conversation, Miss Pixie felt badly used by this exchange. Eventually, I cried out, "I kidnäpped him fïrst!" Somehow, this seemed like a totally logical argument as to why I should retain his services.

Another mission involved a possible fight with Porpoise Girl, another of the Liberty Corps. As she not only has superpowers, but is also of racially pure stock, I wanted to get some tissue samples from her. I gladly joined on to the caper, first helping to disguise the nuclear submarine as a convincing sperm whale. Our villanous crew was so large that when we met Porpoise Girl, she was unwilling to fight, and sent her lobster army after us. After we (barely) defeated the lobsters, Porpoise Girl moved to withdraw and the Communist villains in charge of the caper wanted to go on with the mission, rather than chase down Porpoise Girl. Fortunately, some of the others, like me, were more interested in Porpoise Girl and the villains split up. I believe it was the Scarlet Penny and Mr. Davison who kept her busy enough in battle that I could use my injection gun to sap away her strength. I took the medical samples from her helpless body and watched as she was tossed into a death trap. However, this trap was not made with Austrian craftsmanship and failed to execute her. My trap was the only one that functioned correctly the entire evening.

In addition to Porpoise Girl, I got blood samples from many other heroes and villains: the Lenin-monkey, the Paci-Fist, Squirrel (of Moose & Squirrel), Aaron Vanek, Mute Ion (who turned out to be the anagrammatic Mountie), Bear, Hippie Girl and The Poet. No doubt with these superior genetic samples, I will be able to improve the efficacy of my Injection Gun. Even if Madame Ice was the one admitted into the League (SoulFire having escaped his imprisonment with the help of the X-Static Soviet) my plans have advanced a great deal. One can look forward to a world run along eugenic lines, with perfect specimens living beautiful lives, while served by inferior stock who will ultimately be exterminated and replaced by modern automation. To the Future!

Click image for more photos from the game.
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