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sjo asked, and I answer:

1. Skeleton

I wish I had a better story for this one. Because I'm all goth and shit, I was looking for an animated skeleton gif to use as an icon. As I hunted around, I fell in love with this one, particularly because he's got a little bounce in his gait. I recall having to slice out a frame from the gif to make the animation flow better. I typically tend to use it when I'm feeling a little goofy.

2. Whiskey Tango but no Foxtrot

Made from an image taken by aaronjv at our wedding. By 'our' I mean Becca and me, not Aaron and me. Though he was the first man I married. Wait. Let me just start over.
The picture was taken from our first dance at the our wedding. For many years, we lived happily in sin and gave little thought to marriage. We put about the three-quarters serious rumor that we would remain single in protest until homosexuals were granted the right to marry. Then in 2004, the Massachusetts Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in that state, and to us bleeding heart liberals, it seemed like a domino effect would soon take place, at least in the states anyone would ever likely want to live in. [And next month, I'll be attending my first kilt-on-kilt wedding.]
In any event, this paved the way for me to propose. [and I note there's a TV ad that now shows someone producing a ring from a fortune cookie. I swear the first time Becca saw it, she got all sappy. Nelson-Haha!]
So yadda yadda, we had the wedding, and as I thought I was saying (but got distracted) we always wanted to tango for our first dance. We didn't know how to tango, but it reeks of romantic. And since we basically know nothing about tango, the only song that popped into our heads was Tom Lehrer's "The Masochism Tango". And it remained fixated in our brains. And so we learned, I choreographed and... we triumphed. The vast majority of our friends and relatives remember nothing else from the wedding, but they remember that dance.
Mad props to popepat who officiated, and obishawn, whom I struck in the head with a thrown rose.
I use the icon to express happiness commingled with sappiness.

3. cartouche.

Okay, you got a good story out of #2, so I don't feel so bad about this one. I took the pic in Istanbul on our honeymoon cruise of the Med. The Egyptian obelisk was relocated to the Hippodrome in Istanbul. That was also exactly where I totally checked out the ass of that really hot chick. I cropped the photo down to the cartouche, and typically use the icon for discussing ancient history, which I know nothing about, except what I've learned through osmosis from Dr. Pookie.

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