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No. 118

I was sixteen again for an evening

aaronjv had his natal celebration last night. And what a one it was. He invited everyone to come as they were in 1987 (or more to the point, as they were when they were 16, since some of the people there... well, I will get too depressed if I talk about unfertilized ova). People also brought mementoes of that distant era: Yearbooks, photos and such. It was good strange fun. Of the people there, I think only Andy and popepat were people I knew in 1987.

I was tempted to buy some Bartles & James at the Ralph's, but in 1987 I couldn't buy alcohol, so I settled on Goldfish and Mountain Dew as era-appropriate party offerings.

I forced myself to meet a few people, even the girl whose first question was about the whereabouts of my wife. I'm still trying to figure that one out, though if I think too long about it, I will eventually walk down a road where I will be forced to conclude that I look like a dirty (yet married) old man or something.

As for knitting-girl, as I told notjenschiz, her cone of impenetrability was centuries in advance of my antisocial-fu. I didn't even bother to try.

ITF was discussing the possible next installment of the ARRRRRrrrrrrr Pirates LARP. He considered Rum, Sodomy and the Lash as a subtitle, but he'd promised to try to keep the game family friendly. First I suggested "buggery" as a sort of funnier, family-friendly synonym, but he didn't think that would fly. So with a stroke of genius (self-identified), I offered "Jolly Rogering". But I'm not too hopeful that that will make the cut either.

RB confirmed my nagging suspicion that the Victorian foofoo thing at the Arboretum was used in Fantasy Island.

Everyone seemed to think the 16/17/18 year old Mike pictures were cute. Thank Dawkins my wife thought so at the time.

I gabbed and ate and drank many a soft drink. Had a great time.

Oh and thanks again to rizwank and Rich for hosting. And congrats to vadenalim for not being beaten to death with a tire iron the night before. Discretion is the better part of valor and all that jazz.
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