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Journal of No. 118

May 22nd, 2007

One-upsmanship, or should that be one-upspersonhood? @ 03:10 pm

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A small group of protesters gathered at Falwell's funeral. I wonder if they carried signs that said "God Loves Fags". Anyway, as a counterprotest, and having carefully considered the teachings of Jesus, one Liberty University student decided to turn his cheek. And by "turn his cheek", I mean "build some homemade bombs".

Fortunately, science education is not very advanced at Liberty; law enforcement officials believe the bombs "would not have been very destructive". With luck, the kid'll go to prison and get an education. And by "get an education", I mean "get some quality state-sponsored education entirely free from religious dogma".

"No national Republicans attended Tuesday's funeral, including none of the GOP presidential candidates. All said they were too busy."

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Journal of No. 118