No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

RB ain't never getting married

RB had his never-nuptials last night. Lots of fun people shaken up in a box together. Becca and I even managed to get RB to admit that he might consider marriage in certain unusual cases, like a sham marriage for green card purposes. I always knew he was a romantic at heart. The stage at the Raitt Gleason was set up sort-of runway style, and much amusement was had by all and sundry as we strutted and did our best Zoolander/Top Model impersonations. Speaking of top models, anyone else notice Giselle Bundchen confronting the Catholic Church with common sense? "How is it possible to not want people to use condoms and also not have abortions? It's impossible, I'm sorry."
I seem to have strayed from my theme. Anyway, there was plenty of food, rum, glowsticks, garters and bonniedelight for everyone. Yay.

Oh, and since I mentioned it to a couple people, here are a few pics and explanation from a sort of Aliens-y live game in Europa. I really dig the death-mechanic. If an alien gets close enough to you to rip the air tube out of your space-suit... you die. No muss, no fuss.
Tags: friends, larp, news, party

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