No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

I was born a poor black child

A while back, I saw Style Wars. It didn't grab me that much. But tonight, we watched Scratch, which was really engaging. The contrasts are amazing. There's hardly anyone in Style Wars that you'd want to hang out with. Virtually everyone in Scratch is welcome to show up at my parties. Qbert, Mix Master Mike, Afrika Bambaataa... come chill at my crib in the 'wood anytime.

The whole thing was inspiring enough that I feel like I want to found a Church of Music. I guess normal people call these concert venues or something and make a decent penny at it. But I want a church. And we will worship with music; our only dogma shall be "that which rocks is holy". Who's with me? popepat, I take for granted as our pope.
Tags: film, music

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