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Peeping and Grilling

Netflix brought me Peeping Tom the other night. It's a great film by Michael Powell. Of course, it was so controversial when it came out that it just about ended his career. The film has certain parallels to Hitchcock's Psycho (which came out three months after Peeping Tom), but the films got very different receptions. And this has nothing to do with quality. It's one of the best films I've seen this year.
The Criterion DVD has an excellent documentary on it as well, with a great deal of focus on screenwriter Leo Marks, who was not only the son of Marks of Marks & Co. at 84 Charing Cross Road, but also a cryptographer in the British SOE during WWII, where he provided codebooks and codepoems to spies like Violette Szabo, one of four women to have been awarded the George Cross.
We seem to have strayed a long way from Peeping Tom, but go see it. And the documentary.

Last night we did some BBQing in the backyard. We grilled and ate a lot of stuff from the garden, which was really cool. Squash, grilled and then dressed with lemon and basil (all from the garden). A purple pepper from the garden... when you grill it, it turns green! And a tasty ear of corn from the garden - I had one a week or two back and it wasn't quite mature, it had teeny-tiny kernels. Add some sausage (not grown in the garden) and wine (ditto) and it was a great meal.

The new icon (image stolen from misskaz) also encodes a secret message to hagdirt that I have tried doing that thing I said I might do. Now that I've done it, I'll do it.
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