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Survived another Fourth of July party at our place. Since it was a work-night, I tried to keep the gathering small (so I hope you will pardon me, dear reader, if you were not invited). We were graced by Becca's twin sister (and later by her husband) who helped out with some of the preparation, but I was already hot and tired before the first wiener was sizzling.
I grilled a bunch of sausages and hotdogs and a couple steaks before I punted the grilling duties, just before people got down to some serious s'mores making. I hit the poker table, and I managed to come out 70 cents ahead, mostly due to calling notjenschiz' all-in bluff at the end. aaronjv was the big winner of the night.
By then it was dark enough for fireworks, so we watched a ridiculous quantity of our own money go up in smoke. We also got the benefit of all the neighbors with their very very illegal airburst fireworks. This was the first time our Third of July Party was held on the Fourth, so this was the first time our friends got to see the craziness that is Inglewood on Independence Day. I got a good laugh when I mock-petulantly ordered everyone to stop looking at those other fireworks.
There was also plenty of Guitar Hero going on, and I got in for a few songs here and there.
And Aaron bust out some snapdragon to continue our fiery theme. I always pictured snapdragon with a shallow volume of flaming alcohol, but that wasn't good enough, so we thrust our hands into a deep volume of flaming liquid, snatching at... um... trail mix. No matter how many times Aaron forcibly told us to blow out the fire, I'm afraid the hind-brain wins every time: "My hand is on fire! My hand is on fire! Get the stinging fire bees off of me!"
I did manage to snatch a raisin from the fire and the loss of all hair on my right hand is a small price to pay.

In non-holiday news, Book Baron is shutting its doors in Anaheim. Starting today, books are 40% off. It'll be sad to see them go... just like all the other good used bookstores in Southern California.
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