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Catching up with things

Last Friday, various people congregated for Ian & Colleen's Open House. A few out of towners were there for the wedding, and a bunch of the usual gang. I had seen Randy at the bachelor party, but it was good to see him again, in the company of Liz. And Karl, who's fiendishly at work on a novel while sponging off his accomplished wife. Steve was there also (coming more for Comicon than for the wedding) and I was disturbed to hear that I was not only not the first to think of Live HeroClix, but also that such a thing had already been implemented. Another thing I had not considered was the spectacle of people dressing up like Catwoman and Superman, when they have the physique of ComicBookGuy. shudders
Anyway, I had eaten beforehand, so I didn't take advantage of the mass quantities of pizza and chinese food that arrived (apart from eating three red peppers that lay sad, alone and unwanted in a chinese food tray) but I drank beer to keep my stamina up. Brian had clearly adopted that plan several hours before I arrived.
The cards and poker tabletop that we brought as a wedding gift were well received. It beats dishcloths hands down, in my book.
Saturday was the wedding itself, held at the luscious Immanuel Presbyterian.
I knew the ceremony was going to be exactly what they wanted, but, boy was it ever. Colleen (I unerringly assume) chose a funky rendition of Pachelbel's Canon in D, which included sections in the style of spanish guitar, banjo, thrash and even less likely styles to open things off. Some more decorous music ushered in all the principal members.
Ian and Colleen wore kick-ass live-game costumes... too bad they weren't playing the same game. Colleen's dress was a pale green, mediaeval number with swoopy sleeves. Ian looked more like Doc Holliday in his longcoat and vest. Must be a time-travel game. Anyway, they both did look splendid.
Obi-Shawn performed the ceremony, starting off with the immortal words:
Marriage is what brings us together today...
Marriage, that blessed arrangement; That dream within a dream...

I hope the relatives were not to discomfited by the large number of people guffawing at the sermon. As Shawn said, the ceremony was irreverent, but sincere. And pretty short. Some pseudo-Celtic feminism from a fantasy book, some vows, some rings, some words, and it was over.
On to the reception. I was at naughty table 15, which was slightly naughtier than table 14. Between the two of us, we nearly started a game of Arrr Pirates, using our tables as pirate ships. Randy gave a very protracted Best Man's speech while champagne was getting distributed so that toasting could actually occur. Plenty of tasty food was left, even after the rapacious appetites of tables 1-14. And Tapani had brought the wine, so that was all taken care of. And the guy pouring the wine had a nice heavy hand on him -- fillin' it to the rim.
Ian and Colleen had their first dance to "Something Good" from the Sound of Music. A number of reasonably proficient Enigman vocalists turned out a cool multipart performance of "Who Wants to Live Forever?", Colleen's signature tune (for some reason).
I blabbed and blabbed with people from all over. The elusive Cheryl was there, as was yet another Sean I'd not seen in quite a while, though they far in the distance from table 15. Jenn was at our table, and it'd been some time since I'd seen her. We discovered that she lives about a block from us.
But the highlight of the evening had to have been the mad decision to attain the church tower. The church is full of a maze of passages, and most of the lights were out, except right near where the reception was. Since the tables had centerpieces that were lanterns with candles in them, Rebecca snatched up table 15's lantern, and off we went through darkened hallways and strange stairways. The party was composed of Rebecca and me, Aaron and Kirsten, Jenn and Karl... I think that's everybody. We never made it to the tower, but we did make it to some cool places. The dance room, the music room (where I re-enacted the bit from Ghostbusters on the piano - "They hate this.") We got to the top of one stair, and there was a doorway there with childish art, and a metal chain connecting the doorknob to the bannister. Clearly, this is where they keep small children confined. We made it into the upper balcony of the church, and better yet, into the choir, directly behind the altar. Aaron considered stealing the Host, but since it was a Presbyterian Church, we weren't sure that Christ was even present in his bread-form.
Scary noises and the advent of light showed that the forces of good were on our trail, so we skeddadled back to the reception. The saddest part, was that the dour Presbyterians kicked us out at 10.
Sunday was a day of rest... and grocery shopping.... and barbecuing.
Monday, I flew up to San Francisco to attend the Semicon tradeshow. Not much for me to do up there. A lot of the companies we're interested in had only a token presence at the show. Small booths, and no instruments. BUT, there were two booths that had putting games, so I used my minigolf skills to good use and won both of them, getting five golfballs and a funky Ethernet connector gizmo for my troubles. I put many a corporate executive to shame. One hole was pretty tough. You got three tries, and even then I was the only one that I saw succeed out of five people.
So I dug up what information I could at the show, and then headed back to the airport, where I had dinner, including the obligatory businessman's martini. And thus back to LA, where Rebecca picked me up, despite my flight being late and LAX being a madhouse at 10 pm.
All right, now that my brain is empty, I should go do some work.
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