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A lying sack of shit award goes to.... Mr. Bob Murray of the Crandall Canyon mine in Utah. Sure, we expect mine owners to lobby against mine safety regulations and to ignore the safety laws that actually do exist. That's just business as usual. (Yay, capitalism!)

But it's something else to make shit up: "[Murray] said he had information from both the University of Utah and the U.S. Geological Survey giving definitive numbers on the depth and location of the earthquake, both of which were too far south and too deep to be the mine.
However, U. of U. and USGS officials said that information is currently unavailable.

Murray's 'information' was also accurate to a degree impossible for seismographs.

Regardless of what caused the mine to collapse, "at this point, the appropriate focus is on the mine rescue," [U of U seismologist] Arabasz said.

That's right, but someone here is busy playing CYA.
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