No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Plea to Activision

Please o please make it that Rock Band guitar controllers can be used with GH III. It may not be easy to see in that pic, but it has two sets of 5 frets. Evidently, for those high wailing solos in Rock Band, you switch to the other set. How cool is that? Harmonix says that GH controllers (and 3rd party controllers) will work with Rock Band. So c'mon Activision... play nice and let it go the other way.

popepat will kill me if I release GH III track listings, but what about Rock Band? I guess I'll play it safe and let people click the link. But I will spill that the game will feature downloadable content. New content will be available each week after the release of the game, and the first up will be the entire album Who's Next.
Tags: game, music

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