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Saw Pirates of the Caribbean. It was great fun. When I first heard of the project, I wasn't too thrilled -- it seemed like a cheap inverted product placement exercise. But the advance word was so good, that we went to see it, and it didn't disappoint. Depp threw himself into the role, and did a great job, incidentally borrowing Geoffrey Rush's accent. Orlando.... well, I'd fuck him if he wore his Legolas wig, but the boy is pretty boring otherwise. I'd fuck the girl if she wore a Legolas wig, too. But she was also fairly uninteresting. The film was far better than it had any right being. They ran a trailer for Haunted Mansion, which totally brings up the question, "Dude, you [Eddie Murphy] once had a routine about people in haunted houses, and now you seem to be in a movie that contradicts the valid logic of, "Sorry we can't stay".
Anyway, Rebecca and I got home and immediately set about some piratical drinking. First she made a Black Opal. Then I made an Emerald Idol. Then she made a Star of India -- she made it halfway through hers before falling asleep. In the meantime, I've made myself a Blue Lagoon, and am now haunting the online world while writing semicoherent LJ entries.

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