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Journal of No. 118

February 4th, 2003

You can't beat our meat! @ 04:26 pm

Cool-2B-Real is about real girls like you! Whether you're in school, playing sports or just having fun, strive to be the best you can be! Real girls are "keepin' it real" by building strong bodies and strong minds... and they're feeling great about themselves!

Funded by America's Beef Producers
©2003 Cattlemen's Beef Board, National Cattlemen's Beef Association
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Date:February 5th, 2003 01:45 am (UTC)

Where's the Beef?

Although that site gave me a laugh, it really makes me cry...can corporations be that obvious? Have we truly reached a point where Inc.'s tell the world, right in our faces "Yes, we are screwing you." ?

I love Cool-2B-Real's "list of snacks":
Fun Snackin'
Cook up some fun with your friends! Check out these great ideas for after-school snacks, sleepover parties, or just plain fun with friends.

Nacho Beef Dip

Beef on Bamboo

Beef Taco and Cheese Pockets

Easy Beef Chili

Cheeseburger Mac

Meatball & Veggie Platter

Pizza Pie with Mashed Potatoes

R.B.V. Wrap

Of course, no REAL girls are vegetarians!


Journal of No. 118