No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

beast with five fingers

Saturday was the housewarming for zorker and postgoodism. Definitely a nifty place they've got, and the weather gods smiled on us by not making it a billion degrees. Good BBQ accompanied by relaxed chatting with good friends. Wonderful. I even got Brain to sit on my lap, so I feel all special. Or maybe soiled. Hard to tell. Anyway, having spent the morning digging up the summer garden and preparing the winter garden, dark_of_night and I crashed back home early.

Sunday was spent promoting vegetation, literally and metaphorically. With luck, we'll soon have giant radishes and micro-lettuce and half a dozen other things growing out back.

colleenky lapped me on the planetary race around the sun, but I'm catching up fast. Many felicitations!

Winston has an interesting method for getting a good spot on the bed. I think he puts his paw on my foot, and then extends his claws with greater and greater pressure until I half-wake up with a sensation of piercing torture and move my leg out of the way. The first time, I thought he bit my toe, but this time I'm sure it was claws that did it.
Tags: bio, cat, friends, garden, party

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