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Last night was the kickoff Enigma meeting of the year. Kudos to the officers and recruitment people. That (woefully inadequate) room was packed wall to wall. Enigma really got shafted in the room lottery, but that many people would have filled even the larger meeting rooms. It was chaotic and disorganized, but everyone looked like they were having a good time chatting and bonding and staying away from the creepy old people.

I wish there had been more opportunity for announcements and introductions, but the sheer numbers really precluded that. I waved my teaser fliers for Save Our City around in the air and plunked them down on a desk to general indifference.

[Strangely enough, someone else had fliers for a puzzle rally in Los Angeles. This one as a benefit for the AIDS marathon --> AIDS Project LA. It's $25, running Nov 10-11.]

It was a far cry from some other first meetings of the year, where my presence added 10% to the population in the room and helped give the impression that the club was still alive. Here, I was entirely superfluous. And it felt great to be obsolete! So I left!

And in the "Won't Somebody Think of the Children" Department: Search your couch for loose change and help some teachers. I mean, honestly, one teacher's class is using stapled together computer paper for lab notebooks.
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