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No. 118

I was gonna post something stirring and informative about the 50th anniversary of Sputnik's launch, but I've been deluged by same, so there's no point. Instead, here's a picture of a bunny with a waffle on its head:

I always remember the date of the Sputnik launch because it was the same as the birthday of one of my babysitter's kids, who was roughly the same as age as me. I have no idea where Mike Aquino is now, but 30 years later, I remember his birthday because it's the same as the date of the Sputnik launch. Happy birthday to both of them.

From time to time, Mike and his older brother would pick on me. I remember once I got so mad, I thought to myself, I know where I live... I now have a key... I don't need this shit... So I left, walked home and let myself in. I understand Mrs. Aquino got pretty busy with the slipper that afternoon.

It's weird to think that I was then closer in time to the Dawn of the Space Age than I was to my present self. I was -12 when Sputnik launched. I was in mom's tummy when Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon (and let's show some love for Collins, while we're on the subject). When I was 12, Voyager 2 got to Saturn (oh yeah!) and the first shuttle launched.

Ok, there, you got something better than just a breakfast food on a lagomorph.
Tags: bio, nostalgia, science, space

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