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Official Announcement for Save Our City

Most of you have probably got something like this in your mailbox already.

Thanks for the previous suggestions. I've made a couple changes. The only 'major' one being that I fiddled with the price structure once I decided I probably needed money for prizes as well as food and drink. So it's now $10/person + $5 per team.

Feel free to point interested people here, or forward the email to them. I'll probably cut things off at 10-12 teams if it gets really popular.

Save Our City is a Los Angeles Area puzzle rally, which will take place Saturday, 1 December.  This game will be a fun way to learn more about Los Angeles and see some neat parts of the city that you’ve probably never visited.  Teams of players will cruise the streets of LA, following puzzle clues to various destinations in and around the city.

Enigman Aaron Vanek ran a fantastic road rally, ChronoAgents, a few years back.  Inspired by how much fun that was, I’m stepping up to the plate to create Save Our City as sort of a holiday present for Enigma and my other Angeleno friends.

The puzzles should not be ridiculously fiendish, nor will they assume that you already know anything about Los Angeles.

For more information, read on!

--Mike Tice, Elder Enigman

It is now the beginning of the fifth decade of the Plague Years, sometime in the middle of the 21st century.  To the best of anyone’s knowledge, the world cataclysm was brought about by a designer virus released in Los Angeles by an organization known as the Army of the 12 Monkeys.  The virus spread rapidly throughout the world, but the effects were most acute and most rapid in LA itself, where more than 99% of the population perished within seven days.  Globally, 95% of the earth’s industrialized population died within three months.

The remnants of human civilization live underground in hermetically sealed shelters, living a dismal existence on recycled air and synthetic food.  For crimes known best to yourself, you have been placed in incarceration.  Since there is no room in the world of today for unproductive people, you have been ‘volunteered’ for a very special program.  The scientists have invented a time machine that will allow a team of fellow volunteers to travel back to a time before the release of the virus.  Although nothing can be done to change the fate of humanity, there is a useful service you can provide.  The Army of the 12 Monkeys left behind some eccentric clues and puzzles.  By solving these puzzles, you will be led to various locations in the world of the past, where your observations may provide useful information about the nature of the plague virus.  These observations could be invaluable to the scientists of your time, ultimately leading to a cure for the plague, allowing mankind to repopulate the surface of the world.

You have been advised that time-travel is a disorienting process.  You may experience a strange assimilation of past, present and future.  You may become mentally divergent.  You have been chosen for your tough mental qualities and observational skills.  Rely on them to see you safely through.

You have been fully briefed on the laws of the period.  Do not transgress them.
Keep your interactions with the populace of the time-period to a minimum.  Inadvertently revealing information about the future may jeopardize the mission, your freedom and the integrity of the space-time continuum.

Most importantly… Save Our City

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Save Our City is a Los Angeles Area puzzle rally, with some slight fictional elements lifted shamelessly from the film “12 Monkeys”.


Date: 1 December 2007
Time: The Time Portal opens at 9:30 AM and closes at 8:30 PM
Location:  The Time Portal is located at
4652 W 64th Street
Inglewood, CA  90302
(just east of La Brea)
Teams: Teams of 2-5 may play (3-4 is probably ideal)
Cost: $10 per player + $5 per team (i.e. a team of 3 is $30 + $5 = $35 total).  The money will be spent on pizza, drinks and prizes for your enjoyment after you return through the Time Portal.
Age: Anyone may play, however the soundtrack for Save Our City will teach a few new words to any young or delicately raised players.
Who’s running this thing: Save Our City is designed by Mike Tice, longtime Enigman.

Teams should begin assembling at 9 AM at the time travel departure point.  At 9:30, the portal will open, and the teams will be given their mission briefing and sent out one after another in an orderly fashion.

Each team should have:
One and only one car.
A CD-player in the car for the Soundtrack to Save Our City.
A cel-phone for communications with the World of the Future.
A digital camera for recording important evidence of the past.
A Thomas Bros. Guide to Los Angeles County
Writing implements
Lunch money – at the halfway point, teams will be stopping for lunch at an undisclosed location, where food can be acquired at modest prices. (When your team completes its mission, pizza and drinks will be provided for you back at the Time Portal.)

Teams may bring and use any other equipment they like: GPS navigation, computers with wireless connections, astrolabes, encyclopedia, graphing calculators, microwave ovens, etc.  The puzzles of Save Our City are designed so that they can be solved with (at most) pencil, paper, a Thomas Guide, common knowledge, and a little brainpower.  More importantly, some are designed so that they can only be solved by actually being at the mission location.  A Cray supercomputer will help you not at all.  Additional items are neither encouraged nor discouraged, but they’ll probably be less help than you think.

Basic Rules for Save Our City:

1. Drive safely and legally.  I’m not taking any responsibility if you do something stupid.
1A. If team members are leaping out of a car, make sure the car is completely stopped.  Otherwise, you may run over the foot of one of your own team members, as I did in ChronoAgents.

2. Only one vehicle may be used by the team.  All team members must leave the Time Portal together at the start of the game, and arrive together when they have completed the course.  Apart from this, the team may split up as it likes.  For instance, the driver could drop other team members off near a mission location and drive around the block, while they complete the mission.  Or a team member could be left at a library, providing information to the rest of the team by phone.  It’s more fun if you all stick together.  However, team members cannot go to their own homes or the homes of friends.  You know no one in this time period and will have to make do with public sources of knowledge.

3. No cheating.  Don’t sabotage other teams.  Don’t vandalize our fair city.  Don’t destroy any game elements.  Don’t be mean.

Scoring & Prizes:

There will be several prizes in Save Our City, the exact number to be determined by the number of teams entered in the game.

Probable Prizes include:

Saved Our City – to the team that completes the game in the least elapsed time.

Efficiency Award – To the team that completes the game with the smallest elapsed mileage on the odometer.

Leadfoot Award – To the team that completes the game with the largest average speed.

Aesthetic Award – To the team with the most artistic photos.

Grand Prize – To the team that achieves the best average ranking in ALL contests

If you’d like to play, please send me the following information:

Home Phone:

Do you wish to be a team captain?  If so skip down to the section for Captains Only.

Have you already arranged to be on a team?  If so, which one?  If not, I will see to it that you are placed in a team.

What is your team name?
Who are your other team members (if any)?
How many more team members are you willing to accept?
Do you have or have access to all the equipment listed above?
What pizza toppings does your team like?

By the Seal of the 12 Monkeys,

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