No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Preparing kids for a lifetime of drudgery

Long ago, I posted something snarky about a toy barcode scanner, and how it would prepare your kids for their decades long battle with carpal tunnel syndrome as a Ralphs checkout girl/boy. I found it at Tuesday Mornings, where I think they get a lot of strange remaindered stuff that may never have seen the light of general release. I confess I was there today looking for potential Save Our City prizes. I saw one game that had a theme that might make it a good prize, but there was virtually no information on the box and I can't find it online either. Who (other than Pat) wants a game that doesn't even seem to actually exist (except in the remainder limbo of Tuesday Mornings)?

Anyway, I came across another winner toy today. The cleaning staff trolley, complete with real vacuum, sponge, water sprayer, mop, broom, hand broom, dust pan, bucket, and cleaning bowl. But wait, it gets better! That's not quite the product that I saw.

The version of the vacuum trolley I saw today was made of plastics that were all varying shades of Pepto Bismol pink. And on the box, in a cheery round little label, it said "Girls Only!"
Tags: anger, funny

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