No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

More silliness

Give the generator the start of a word, and it will finish it using a Markov chain of English language letter frequencies.
Useful for creating Sniglets.

mikeliness - the quality of being like Mike
mikentian - resembling Mike
mikehumoslity - When Mike makes a joke that noone laughs at
mikenismetry - measurement of Mike
mikerobeadorized - Mike's robe smells
ticeticaling - Mike does number 1
ticeticieninhappoctatibetaribernedit - Gesundheit
ticepsychobblendlies - Mike's illicit drug smoothie.
ticesass - what S___ paid attention to instead of ticeslecture.
rebeccaptive - Mike
rebeccooning - when Rebecca steals all the blankets and makes a burrito of herself.
rebeccamebona - um, yeah
Tags: wordplay

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