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In defense of Fuck

This beautiful, erudite and witty defense of the use of 'fuck' has utterly charmed me. It was submitted as part of the defense of a student charged with 'interfering with the staff, faculty, or students of an educational institutional' for having eloquently called his principal a "fucker, a fag, and a fucking fag."
The prior legal rulings are wonderful, the dictionary entries are priceless (particularly the examples in from the Cambridge dictionary), but perhaps the best part of the defense is the discussion of how common and accepted fuck has become in modern life. If you're too lazy to read it, I reproduce a portion of the table that shows the number of Google Hits for certain words and phrases:

Fuck 24,900,000
Fucking 24,700,000
Mom 9,040,000
Baseball 13,600,000
Apple Pie 308,000
Stick and Stones May Break My Bones 7,360
Tags: funny, wordplay

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