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Inglewood School Board

The not-really-aptly named Betty Pleasant wrote one of her most entertaining columns ever for the local newspaper, recounting the events at the Inglewood School Board meeting. To provide some backstory, a couple members are cheesed that when they put up their personal friends for jobs in the district, they were subject to background checks. And a couple of them had convictions for cocaine possession and sales. So these board memb... no, it's too long, let me sum up: the board is bickering amongst itself. Here are the choice bits:

Let me paint you a more complete picture of the bishop [a boardmember]. First of all, he’s a liar.

[Board member] Butler is not quite as bombastic as [Bishop] Young, but he’s dogmatic and overbearing enough, when what he needs to do is shut all the way up...

Board member Williams wants to apologize for using the N-word in her spirited rebuke of Young during the board meeting. “I was quoting others in the community,” Williams said. “I personally find the N-word to be gross and despicable. But it was the only word used by others in the community to describe the behavior of board members. I would like to apologize if it offended anyone. But I really am concerned with the behavior of board members who seem to believe that personal attacks and harassment are the only courses to take.”

And in closing, Raining Blood on Hard is kicking my ass.
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