No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Six degrees of separation

I was playing some more with LJ Connect and found that just about everyone is within 5 hops of me. It took me quite some time to find someone who's actually 6 degrees away:
essentialsaltes -> bellwethr -> foolmonkey -> pfiddy -> rudyfink -> aventinus -> montsegur (6 hops)

Conclusion: Livejournal is tight-knit and incestuous. Not too incestuous fortunately, since I'm only four hops from yiffytail.

montsegur is gone, but I tried some random words and managed to get up to 7 hops!

essentialsaltes -> rsheslin -> nihilistic_kid -> lindsaybits -> michiganders -> mollyevans -> ouij -> obscure (7 hops)
Tags: internet

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