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Save Our City - Debrief & Spoilers Galore

Herein is the spoiler-laden discussion of my Save Our City puzzle rally in Los Angeles.

I will be posting the puzzles at some point in the near future, so if you didn't play, you will still have that opportunity. Do not read further, or the game will be spoiled. Go here for spoiler free discussion and reactions.

The best of the mission photos can be seen here.Except that Team Delorean didn't have the technology to download photos. Their photos of Marilyn (St. Vincent's Court) and the Park Plaza Hotel were perhaps the very best. They also had great photos of Randy's (who didn't?), the Lady of the Lake, and Johnies. They also had awesome bonus pictures of 'old auto in motion' and they were the only team to get a car being washed at a private residence.

Best of the bonus and a few random pictures.

Public Entries by participants:
From Operation Grab Bags (& the video)
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