No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

internet (re)connections and disconnections

Through YouTube, I managed to get back in touch with Kelly.

Then through facebook, my next door neighbor in high school got back in touch with me.

Someone I'm glad I don't know was kicked out of a yahoogroup that a coworker belongs to. I guess he'd been sending a lot of off-topic proseletyzing messages. In response to the kick, he sent back a delightful message full of crazy:
"racist and malicious group"
"my internet skills can reach 100's" [I nominate this for internet catchphrase of 2008]
"i will also file a intenional affliction of mental distress lawsuit" [sic, sic & sic]
"Plus many other remedies afforded to me thanks to the Constistion"
"You are the worst kind of Nazi in Brentwood."

By searching his yahoo nick, I find he's been recently endearing himself all over the internet (where he reaches 100's).

Some feedback left on Christmas: Horrible People. Some of thier staff are witches full of hate and venom. You should see what they did to my Christmas. STay away from this witches.

And from 12/28: it is very rude that you have a very offensive picture for people to see everytime they come to your coffee shop. It is a picture of a cruxifix with a skeleton skull cap on top of it. That is very offensive to christians.

Let's hope he gets the help he needs. Otherwise, he and Aaron are likely to meet in Venice and explode like matter and antimatter.
Tags: friends, insanity, internet, religion

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