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Where's my thorazine?

I don't often remember my dreams this well. Not that this is particularly good or anything. Just weird.

Rebecca and I are in a large house that is apparently ours. It seems like we've just moved in, because there's not much furniture and the walls are bare. It's night, and it's dark because there are no lamps, just moonlight and the ambient air-glow of LA filtering through the windows. I notice something creeping along the floor, and it's not Changeling. It's a giant purple spider about a foot and a half long, creeping into another room. Changeling follows after it, her hair bristling. I go in after them. The room's empty. I'm creeped out....
Suddenly, I'm sitting in the front row of a lecture hall. It's something like anthropology, and the professor is way at the back showing slides in the darkened hall. Currently, the slide is a physical map of the Mediterranean, and there's an argument going on between him and another student about whether the Old World and the Americas communicated ideas to each other. I pipe up and start giving a mini-lecture on the history of coinage, starting in Turkey and spreading through Europe, making the case that the Old and New Worlds were not connected because
#1) The people of the New World never picked up the idea of coins, so they had probably never been exposed to that concept.
#2) You don't find hoards of, for example, Roman coins in the New World, showing that they hadn't come over and traded with the New World.
The lecture ends, and I'm walking south down Westwood Blvd. near Ackerman. Lots of students are around. Soon, I'm walking through the residential area SE of campus, like where the Adler's house is. As I walk down the street, I see Juli sitting on a porch, reading a book. I can see her mother in a window. I give Juli an awkward hug as she continues to sit, and then the three of us talk aimlessly for a while. Then they go inside, but I notice a stack of coins on the porch. From a distance, they look like Susan B. Anthony's to me. I pick them up and walk away.
As I examine them, I find that they are not coins. Rather, they are like little silvery Art Deco framed pictures. The pictures are little black and silver movie posters of 1930's films I've never heard of with names of actors and actresses I've never heard of...
Now I'm walking on the upper level of a mall. There are a couple dozen weird pianos scattered around in the walkway; they're ornate, or oddly shaped, or make weird tones, or have strange striking mechanisms. I pass through them though and move on to the display of barbecue grills. Since you can obviously test out pianos, I decide to test out a grill. I pull some meat out and start grilling it. It's done quite soon, and then I walk along the mall, chewing through the large hunk of cooked cow that I hold in my hand. On the opposite walkway, I see my old (now-departed) cat, KC, walking along parallel to me. I chase him down, but then I find something hard in a bite of meat. I fish it out with my fingers and find about a five inch length of stiff wire, bent into a U. You can see the places where my teeth has slightly indented the metal.
Then I'm back 'home' and Rebecca is apologizing for giving me a big hunk of raw meat with metal wire in it for lunch. I see her prepare my lunch for tomorrow, and again it's a big hunk of raw meat. Whether it too had wire, I don't know, because I don't remember any more.
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