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Journal of No. 118

February 16th, 2008

casino arcane @ 07:17 pm

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Ran a session of Casino Arcane for Metacon. This is my goofy poker-with-Tarot cards game, with minimal live game appendages. For some demented reason, I set it in 1937 and used a bunch of authentic people for the characters, from Senator Truman of Missouri to Clara Petacci.

mewatson triumphed as Signorina Petacci, displaying her brutally fascist qualities by not only keeping in the game, but taking out Senator Truman and Sir John Ellerman in fisticuffs. The Fool 'only' had $2.2 million this time at the end of the game. Although not a winner of money, Admiral Yamamoto wound up with plenty of souls. I see a more prosperous future for the Axis (at least the Italo-Japanese portion - the lame Nazi was a total bust) but perhaps the game in 1944 will alter things again...

Players new and old seemed to enjoy it. I think with some more streamlining and a rehaul of the Major Arcana points, it could be marketable.

I even had a momentary vision of a 'league'. Perhaps souls would have in-game 'always on' effects, making them more valuable (and making sales of them more interesting/lucrative). Better players would soon amass a storehouse of souls. Better players would also improve their Major Arcana rank. At a league-sanctioned event, they could choose which soul (only one) to wager at the game. Step 3: profit.
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Date:February 17th, 2008 04:38 am (UTC)
sounds like my kind of game. Would love to assist you with play testing.

Journal of No. 118