No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Work on the first session of Miskatonic is just about wrapped up. Need to make up and print out some character stat sheets, and I'm ready to rock and roll. Of course, on the day of, there'll be plenty of fun wrangling props and food and making sure things run smoothly.
I'll be visiting the game site this evening -- paying the theater manager, checking things out and seeing if they have a 16-ton weight I can drop on people.
Anyway, I've reached the point where it's no longer a huge worry. Or rather, there's nothing I can do about it at this point. I've done what I did, and now I just hope people show up and have a good time interacting with each other.
It's definitely different working with a multi-game schedule. Everything doesn't have to be resolved by the stroke of midnight. The advantage is that I don't have to miraculously squeeze everything into one night. The disadvantage is that it had better be interesting enough that people want to come back five more times.
Tags: larp/rpg

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