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Journal of No. 118

April 23rd, 2008

LA Times Festival of Books at UCLA this weekend. @ 09:13 am

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A zillion books and a zillion authors will be on campus this weekend. Full details.

Authors that leaped to my attention (YMMV) include:

Kevin J. Anderson
Julie Andrews
Reza Aslan (I don't know who he is, but hell, who wouldn't want a book signed by Aslan!)
Ray Bradbury
David Brin
Raymond E. Feist
Jaime Hernandez
Douglas Hofstadter
Susan Jacoby
Aimee Mann
Mike Mignola
Michael Shermer
Gore Vidal
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Date:April 23rd, 2008 05:43 pm (UTC)
Lest I resort to actually looking things up, I will pull this out of the hindquarters of my brain. If I recall correctly (and I seldom do) Reza Aslan is the author of "No God but God", a book about modern Islam (maybe focussing on radical Islam?). Been on the Daily Show once or twice.

We're planning to go on Sunday. Not sure exactly when, but we'll be hitting the childrens areas and seeing how much of the rest we can get away with.

If you see David Brin, tell him that Enigma wants a signed copy of Tribes, now that it's finally being published (I would imagine not at all resembilg what we playtested lo those many years ago. Jerky Weather anyone?)

Journal of No. 118