No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
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Maxicon 8

Battle of Titans

I spent Sunday at Maxicon, and had a great time in the silly-RPG trifecta. In Brian's Ogg-prentice, the Donald had brought 6 cavemen into the future to battle it out Apprentice style. Our first task was to sell hotdogs. Brian had helpfully provided buns and hotdogs and we sidled into LARP. I managed to make fire in the kitchen, and using some sharp metal sticks thrust through the hotdog, I cooked it. Then we had to sell the hotdogs to the other con attendees using only our 12 word Ogg vocabulary (the usual caveman nouns augmented by business-school buzzwords). I project managed our team into an overwhelming victory, not least due to some creative strategems and fisticuffs. The next project was a bit more difficult for my all-caveMAN team. We were to design an advertising campaign for cross-branded Vera Wang/Serta mattress. The product managers emphasized the feminine nature of the product, and how capturing female appeal would be important. We couldn't think of anything more feminine than 3 hot naked chicks cavorting on the mattress. The focus group seemed to prefer the more highbrow effort from the other team, although our "Wang Bang" tagline tested well in most demographics.

My own RPG came next-ish, and various droids, borgs, muties and eaties (and 1 human) assembled to take place in a treasure hunt sponsored by the oligarchs of a planet on the ass-end of human space. In character creation, nobody chose any skills in driving or piloting, so there were certain difficulties in the team getting anywhere. But they more than made up for it with moxie and pluck. Brian and I split the majority of a bottle of Macallan 18 during this, so I don't remember too much, and what I remember was mainly of the you-had-to-have-been-there kind, so I'll spare you. Except to say that the final treasure they sought was a time capsule with 1957 Plymouth Belevedere inside. Sadly, much as was the case in Tulsa, the time capsule was not really designed well to withstand the ravages of time.

Then hagdirt's dragon egg hunt. My grizzled dragonslayer came through crowned with success, but (as often happens) the most dangerous element of the job was my fellow adventurers.

A little bit of Rock Band, and then I was headed back down the freeway toward home.

THANK YOU popepat and Mrs. Pope! And GM's and players and food bringers and drink bringers.
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