No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118


Bought a bunch of DVD's at Soundsations at lunch today, including Rejected. I swear I've had more fun just thinking about watching it than I will watching it. Other titles were The Full Monty, American Werewolf in London, & Dr. No. I already have Dr. No in a crappy edition, but this one has all the tasty extras. So it's time to ebay the old one.

Eric told a strange story about his birthday trip to Vegas last weekend. He was walking down the Strip and some woman offered to buy his shoes for $40. It turns out her brother wants to go to a restaurant and it's dress shoes only there and he doesn't have any. Eric looks to be about the same size as her brother, so how about it? Eric is still somewhat befuddled by all this, and she says, "Ok, then... $50!"
So Eric sold his shoes to her for $50. Turns out he'd been meaning to buy some new shoes for a while...

Yesterday at lunch, I was walking around the 'hood with John. A beautiful red circa 1960 convertible Corvette drives slowly past us, a blond woman at the wheel. She pulls up thirty feet ahead of us, where an old man is standing, and he gets in the car, and they take off together. John and I both wonder, Why don't blondes driving convertible Corvettes ever pick us up?

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