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Rebecca and I spent some time last weekend looking at houses. As in, considering buying one. Generally the houses fell into two classes: appalling but affordable, excellent but expensive. One house just about covered its entire long skinny rectangular plot -- afterwards, neither of us could remember seeing a kitchen, nor any place in which a kitchen could be hidden. The neighbors had overturned ripped couches scattered about their backyard, which formed the only view from this house without concrete being the predominant color. This gem was being offered at the low, low sale price of $379,000. The only other place that we really explored in-depth was delightful: a corner property, hardwood floors, lots of bitty rooms here and there. $565,000. A few other places we just drove by without even stopping. One looked like a giant sodden ice-cream box made of grey stucco. Well, we've just gotten started on this adventure. It would almost be a shame if our dream house showed up this rapidly, because we might not realize it after only seeing a few houses. [I refuse to consider the possibility that either the kitchenless house or the warped ice-cream box was our dream-house.]
Saturday night was a sit-down episode of Richard's Pulp! game. The first half was great. Dr. Armitage (me) joined forces with the Rocketeer, Elliot Ness, Flash Gordon and Gene Autry to rescue President Roosevelt and Dr. Einstein from the clutches of the Nazis, who were taking them to Easter Island aboard a tremendous flying fortress, inhabited by both Nazis and rotten fifth columnist Klansmen and a few Nazi superhero types.
Probably the best part was when I was pretending to be injured, being carried by Elliot Ness (dressed in a Nazi uniform). We encounter some Nazis who start asking Ness what's going on. He doesn't know any German, so I'm trying to whisper things to him, and he's repeating them badly, like in some horrible game of Telephone. It was hilarious. The second half had its moments, but I think we were all tired by that point. We managed to terminate a fair number of Famous Monsters of Filmland, but the Invisible Man continues to elude us.
Sunday was frisbee. The first ultimate game in ages. I don't ache as badly today as I often do after the first game back, which is a good sign. Nevertheless, it was clear that most of us were off our best form. It was a tough, hard-fought game. After a long struggle, we were tied at 9-9 and went into sudden death. Sadly, our opponents were victorious, but my team certainly gave them a run for their money.
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