No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Diva Plavalaguna Beach

Becca's cousin Eric was in town (well, the Los Angeles City of Anaheim) for the ALA conference. Actually another of Becca's cousins and her husband were also here for the ALA conference. But Eric was the one we met up with, and shanghaied to Laguna Beach for lunch and a little beach action. Lunch was at Las Brisas. It was a mite busy, and the wait staff a mite unattentive, but the food and drinks were pretty good, and the view is great.

Afterwards, we went down the cliff to the beach and strolled about a bit, watching the surf pound the rocks. Eventually, Eric got a fiendish look in his eye and he went mano a mano with the so-called Pacific. To make a long story short, the ocean called him a nerd and stole his glasses. And so, we rounded out our adventure with a stop at a Lenscrafters in Anaheim. Coincidentally, next door to Lenscrafters is Anime Nuts, which looked like a pretty darn good anime/manga/yaoi/hentai store, though my experience of such is pretty limited. Eric got some bonus daughter cred by picking her up somethingorother after getting detailed and complex instructions over the phone.

Anyway... pitchers!
Tags: travel

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