No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

4th, etc.

A&K's 4th bash was an excellent gathering; plenty of charred meat products, sweet products, fermented products and explosive products. But mostly, it was just fun hanging out in the different gaggles of people and conversing.

Saturday, I did a little housework, and then a lot of Rock Band. Mainly because of GTAIV (now beaten it with both endings (still can't seem to get online play to work, but possibly that's because getting from the cable modem to the PS3 is an elaborate system that I believe involves one stretch where the information is sent by squirrels with semaphore flags)) I hadn't played much Rock Band, and I dropped far out of the top 1000. So I clawed my way back until I could claw no further and beads of bloody sweat rolled down my arms. Then I checked my standings: #1008. Ugh!

That evening, A&K & swmartin saw a movie at, like, the Galleria. The Arclight there has one theater that you enter by going through their bar, and they have 21+ showings of movies there. And you can take drinks in. So we tanked up for an enjoyable childfree showing of WALL-E. I think I chugged most of my drink when this trailer came on.

Anyway, I enjoyed WALL-E a great deal. When I felt the director reaching for those heartstrings, it was easy to slap his hand away without too much distraction. Much more satirical in its look at humanity than I expected, but much appreciated.

Back at A&K's, I rocked out with Aaron for a bit, passing him through a few songs so that he now has a whole new set of songs to swear at.

Today, a bit more housework, and then despite two pretty long sessions of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, I fired it up again, just to get myself into the top 1000. I think the practice helped, since I 5-starred Train Kept a Rollin', Flirtin with Disaster, and (just trying it on a whim), I 5-starred Green Grass and High Tides. OMG, that's only the second time I've completed the song: 205 note streak, 319,219 points and a gentleman's A (89%). I didn't get any points for it, since I've actually gotten more points on Hard level. But the other two songs gave me enough to put me at #995. Yay me.

Re-read Brian Lumley's Beneath the Moors, making me question why I read a first time, much less a second.

A few more hours of futzing about, and I'll go collect Becca at the airport. She's been in Pennsylvania for the memorial service for her grandmother, who passed away a few months ago. Evidently they did not enact my plan to load a portion of her ashes into a firework.
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