No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Worthless update

Blah blah blah.
Nothing much to report. Except that the management at Becca's work stinks on ice.
Strange things in the future to look forward to:
Colleen's B-day party on Friday.
Aaron & Kirsten's Live Game on Saturday. I will portray Jirettai-Neko, the Annoyance Cat.
Going to the Hollywood Bowl as a vampire the Friday after that.
My birthday the following Sunday.
Jason's octaNe game the Saturday after that. I will be an 11-year-old psychotic goth girl with a butcher-knife, platform boots and a cat handpuppet I call "Mr. Black".
And I think Rebecca and I will be going to this year's HPL Film Fest in Portland.

But mainly I just wanted to add some silly links here. I'm indebted to Mr. Banks for this one. Make your own slippers.
I don't really like kids, but these aren't so bad.
How does a happy, heavy, nervous, female walk? Do your elbows betray your gender?
Tags: funny, internet, larp/rpg

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