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From the shallow end of the gene pool

Her age exceeded her IQ some time ago, I'm afraid.

Edited to add: I looked at her userinfo page, and my brain started to rot. I figured she was probably 12, so I was cutting her some slack. But she's 22! Let's learn some more about Kristen, shall we?

Hi There! My name is Kristen.
My hobbies are journaling, watching movies, watching the weather channel, I <3 the weather ... Going to the movies, Renting movies, Going to the beach, & Playing golf. I work full time at a Golf Resort here in town & I <3 it.
I love being sarcastic, when I want to be.
Favorites: My favorite color(s) Yellow & Pink.
My favorite singer is JUSTiN TiMBERLAKE.
My favorite resturaunt is The Olive Garden.
My favorite animal is a Dolphin & I <3 sea turtles.

Who knew that watching movies, going to movies and renting movies were three different hobbies?
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