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The Treasure of Massacre Mountain, Part Two was broadcast last night in Pasadena.

It was a more than usually chaotic episode, let's say. Something about superscientific fuel and a computer and zombies and Burners and zombie-Burners and Girl Hitler seducing me in ancient Hyperborea. Trying to detail what happened by referencing the plot would not be very edifying. So here are the snippets:

Dr. O's best straight-line:

King Gorilla approaches me wondering if I can use my supernatural powers to locate Phantom Limb. I say, "I don't know him quite well enough to do it unaided, but if you were to bring me a personal item, something owned by Phantom Limb... something he had handled frequently... something with which he was intimately familiar..."

King Gorilla's eyes light up. "I'll be right back." He comes back with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch in tow.

Dr. O also helped out when Hank was disembowelled and slain by zombies. Using the skull crystal the Triana had previously found, I summoned the demon within and forced it to track down Hank's soul and replace it in his body. The demon nibbled on the edges of the soul a bit, but the plan worked in the main. Brock sewed up the gut wound, and we had a reasonably alive Hank. But, unbeknownst to most of us, a new Hank clone was already on its way, so Brock deftly saw to the extra one out of the sight of the others. All my good work come to nought. But since I was unaware of the substitution, I thought my resurrection of Hank was a rousing success.

OK, that's all for story time. My other photos are here, and casketgirl also has some on her flickr.

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