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Tag Sale: You're It

One human's clutter is another human's treasure, so I'm offering up some clutter for your perusal.

Make me an offer I'm not likely to refuse.

Wait, let me repunctuate that.

Make me an offer. I'm not likely to refuse.

This ain't exactly ebay, but if you want something more than the first person who called dibs, feel free to offer more in a reply to the appropriate comment. These non-auctions end when I deliver the goods and get the cash. People in distant portions of the universe can play - most of this stuff can go media mail for a few extra clams.

Delicatessen - Before Amelie, before City of Lost Children, there was Delicatessen.
The Kingdom - The first season of Lars von Triers' Danish TV show about a haunted hospital. 2 VHS set, and extremely creepy.

The Fifth Element, Ultimate Edition (now I have it on Blu-Ray, so even the Ultimate Edition is not good enough)

CD-ROM - perhaps of interest in some strange history of computing sort of way
Madden 2000 for Mac
Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover. A whole new you is just a click away! Windows/Mac CD-Rom. Copyright 1997
Cartoon History of the Universe volumes 1-7. 2 CD-ROM version of Larry Gonick's awesome Cartoon History of the Universe. Copyright 1994. For Mac, System 7.0 or higher!

TSOL - Live 1991 - raw SoCal punk, with about 20% audience abuse/80% music - they provided music for Suburbia and Return of the Living Dead.
The Subhumans - Worlds Apart
Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks
Bad Religion - All Ages
Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell
Bad Religion - Process of Belief
Bad Religion - Suffer
Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking
Information Society - Peace and Love, Inc. [It's all Dr. Larva's fault.]
Tool - Undertow
Louis Moreau Gottschalk - A Gottschalk Festival (2 VDs) - Jerry Lee Lewis was by no means the first American musician to get involved with young women. Gottschalk was forced to leave the country in 1865. He's rightly hailed as the first great American pianist-composer, and he paved the way for ragtime. The Festival provides a good selection of his piano and orchestral works
Gottschalk - Gottschalk for four hands - piano music for two pianists or four amputee pianists.
Gottschalk - Cakewalk - piano music for only two hands
The Best of Rock Machine Turns You On - 1960s anthology of 20 tracks - used as part of the soundtrack for Groovy 60's Cthulhu, so this CD is approximately as old as a college freshman.
Tomita - Live at Linz, 1984 - Electronified classical pieces with live orchestra, performed in the out of doors
Tomita - LIve in New York - Music performed Live in 1986 as part of the 100th anniversary/rededication of the Statue of Liberty. Live musicians and speaker stacks blasted music across the water. One speaker was suspended from a helicopter.
Operatica - "O" Volume 1. Electronica-fied classical music
Thievery Corporation - Versions
Dorothy Over the Rainbow - Dorothy Papadakos performing classical pieces and a few more modern songs (including Somewhere Over the Rainbow) on St. John the Divine's pipe organ in NYC.
Hard Rock Cafe: New Wave
Tommy Dorsey - There are Such THings (Big Band)
Chant - The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos
Chantmania - The Benzedrine Monks of Santo Domonica (Gregorian chant versions of We Will Rock You, Losing my Religion, Smells LIke Teen Spirit, etc.)
Rage Against the Machine - Battle of Los Angeles
Tiga - DJ Kicks
The KLF - The White Room (C'mon, how many discordian bands do you know?)
The KLF - Justified and Ancient
Dread Zeppelin - Song Remains Insane (2 CD live album)
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