No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
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Political gallimaufry

The local rag printed an ad that is presumably an anti-prop 8 ad, though the measure is not named. Getting a black minister on your side is a good start.

I am pissed about the financial meltdown. Idiot that I am, I thought the financial institutions wouldn't jeopardize their security for a cheap (high-risk) buck. Wrong. I thought all the lenders and banks would make out fine, and it was just a bunch of greedy and/or deluded people who'd be kicked out of the houses they couldn't afford. Wrong. I thought the authorities were on the ball, when in fact they were asleep at the switch. Worse, they were busy jiggering the switches so they would give no alarms. Read that fucking link, people.

Five firms were given exemptions by the SEC, so that they could increase their debt/capital ratio from 12 to 1 (the statutory limit for ordinary capitalist pigs) up to 40 to 1. Fuckers. Not just any firms, but the great big ones. Makes sense, doesn't it? Surely we should relax regulations on the biggest companies, since (if anything goes wrong) it would have only an eensy-weensy effect on the overall economy. Fuckers.
Credit cards are ridiculous awesome, but even they don't let me buy 40 times as much money as I have. Fuckers. Three of those five companies have now gone belly-up. If only I could feel assured that assholes in double-breasteds were now selling pencils in an alley, it might be okay. But such is not the case.
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