No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Finished Ian Watson's The Flies of Memory. One wonders whether the title came from a serendipitous misreading of files as flies. An amusing confection, the sort of thing PKD would have tossed off in a long coffee-and-amphetamine fueled NaNoWriNight.

They're pouring cement for the sidewalks near my work, so hopefully I'll again soon be able to walk about at lunchtime unhindered by the road construction.

Rock Band 2's Battle of the Bands is kind of fun. A bunch of little mini-contests where you have a week to post your best score on a given setlist. I probably should have looked at the playlist on the Colorful Guitarist battle, before trying that one after having already played a long set of hard songs. What's this? Songs with colors in their titles? Why that means... Green Grass and the High Tides. Argh. Yes, I dearly love you, GGatHT, but you are painful.
Tags: book, guitarhero

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