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Last night, I went to Enigma for the first time in quite a while. Pat was running his beginning-of-the-year ice-breaker, the Sci-Fi game show.
There were a lot of new people there; kudos to the club for getting the word out to the freshman over the summer. Of course, just about everyone there looked new to me, since I have been to probably fewer than 10 meetings in the past three years. There were probably 35-40 people there. The room was getting a bit steamy (& smelly, depending how close you were to a hardcore gamer)
Anyway, after a long and chaotic round-the-room intro, and a little chaos, we got down to Patgames.
I'm no good at $20K pyramid (not that anyone is) so I let my teammates fumble around. Then came pictionary. I didn't guess anything, but when it was my turn to draw, I had drawn about this much --


when someone said 'Jurassic Park'. Bing! A new world record!
But the game I'm really good at is Password. I sat down with Prime, going up against the other team. We swept them 4-0. I was worried about 'Nemo' because I didn't think I could get it in one clue, so I gave a bad clue first, and knocked it home after the other team also failed. Getting Hotep was fun, too. Anyway, that four points definitely made a difference for our team.
I handed out maybe ten Miskatonic University fliers. Fabian seemed really interested, and he wants to play a nun. Anyone who has never LARPed, but who is willing to cross-dress as a nun for a live game, is definitely a born LARPer. Or a kinky transvestite. One of the two, if not both.
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