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Haven't seen this yet floating around my F-list. I saw it at Pharyngula, though the site he linked to was down for a while, but is now back.

Nurse: I personally do not like IUDs. I feel they are a type of abortion.
Patient: Yeah, whatever. Can you shorten the strings on my IUD for greater comfort?
Nurse: Um, suuure.
Patient: [feels a distinct pulling on the strings followed by a sharp pain in her uterus similar to a very strong menstrual cramp.] OW!
Nurse: Uh oh, I accidentally pulled out your IUD! Everyone in the office always laughs and tells me I pull these out on purpose because I am against them, but it's not true, they accidentally come out when I tug.
Patient: Put it back in. Or preferably a new one.
Nurse: No.
Patient: WTF.

And in other news:

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