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So *that's* what it's all about!

The Hokey Pokey ... has become the focus of a bizarre controversy in Britain that has drawn in politicians, the Catholic Church in Scotland and soccer fans accused of exploiting the song's alleged anti-Catholic roots to taunt opposing teams.


A Catholic Church spokesman warned that The Hokey Cokey had centuries-old origins as a Protestant song meant to mock the words and actions of Catholic clergy presiding over the Latin mass.


Now, the son of the famed Irish songwriter Jimmy Kennedy ... has weighed in to the furor by revealing what he calls the true inspiration for his father's hit: a traditional Canadian folk tune sung by miners in the early 20th century as a drug anthem celebrating the therapeutic powers of cocaine."

Well, that settles that. The allusion to mockery of the Mass may be a little obscure, but has to do with the uncertain etymology of "hocus pocus" as a debased form of "hoc est corpus" (or more properly "Hoc est enim corpus meum" -- i.e. this is my body) from the Latin Mass.

My timewasting on facebook is divided between Hammerfall and D&D Tiny Adventures. Both serve up a fantasy 'role-playing' experience. Let's compare and contrast, shall we?

Pro: Despite the game's limitations, it still manages to tell a slightly interesting story that unfolds as you progress, driving you to see a little more.
Con: High thwart/reward ratio.
EVIL: Forces you to prostitute your friends to progress in the game.

D&D Tiny Adventures
Pro: has remarkably good writing
Con: After you figure out how the game works, you ignore all those stupid word things and just look for the bottom line - how much treasure and experience did I get?
EVIL: Promotes the all too prevalent idea that the purpose of a role-playing game is to amass treasure & experience points, hence contributing not only to confusion about what a RPG is, but also to Mike beginning sentences, "Kids today..."
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