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Usual lame-ass weekend update

Friday evening, Rebecca took me out to dinner at Sakura House, which has the advantages of being real close to our place and having awesome food. The only problem there is that every time we order jalapeno-maki, it is the last thing to arrive. The riceball is a faint happy memory in my stomach, the Sapporo is down to the last swig. Suddenly, fiery jalapeno halves lovingly encased in pig arrive, and I greedily devour them despite the flames. Rebecca and I both handle hot food well, but I would still prefer to space out my consumption of several jalapenos over the course of the meal, not all at once at the very end.

Saturday, Richard ran A Dream of Averoigne, a Clark Ashton Smith-y live game set in the quasi-medieval realm of CAS's Averoigne. I played Cyriac des Pyrenees, an undead sorceror. Rebecca was ibn Shacabao, and very creditably browned her skin and applied a mustache and beard to herself.
Basically, all sorts of crazy stuff happened, and I delighted in using all my Mythos knowledge (both real and in character) to expand on the few clues that we had on what was going on. I survived, which is always a plus, though I was transported 700 years into the future (i.e. into the present day) much like the main character in Smith's "The Holiness of Azedarac".
Sadly, the lady Resquille des Vyones took little notice of my efforts to flirt with her. She was renowned as a man-hating shrew, and her personality lived up to that in person. And then, she was flung into irremediable madness at the end of the evening, so it's just as well.
Reanimate body parts, crawls through the dungeons of the Chateau Fausseflammes and plenty of wine made the evening a fine one indeed.
Today, I thought the Raiders were comfortably ahead at half time 18-3, so I went to ultimate frisbee confident that they'd win, but it was not to be. Although I was on the winning team 2 out of 3 times, the Raiders must have rolled over onto their bellies in the second half and let the Bears gnaw at them. I have officially given up on the Raiders. The Bears are arguably the worst team in the NFL. 'Any Given Sunday' or not, if you can't beat the Bears, you're not going to make the playoffs.
While I was at frisbee, Rebecca went to view a house that we had stopped and looked at the outside of on Saturday. It looks like it may be a possibility, though there's some concern about the roof and the foundation, just from looking at them. We're not experts, but I think the non-Euclidean nature of the roofline is probably not a positive.t
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