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Lovecraftian O-chem:

Dr. Keziah Armitage, professor of medieval metaphysics at Miskatonic University in Arkham Massachusetts, was exploring an abandoned and nearly forgotten room in the basement of the metaphysics building when she came across a grime-encrusted bottle containing an unknown liquid. Its label had long since decomposed to dust, but the liquid in the bottle was clear and colorless. Curious about is origin, she sent the bottle and its contents to your institute for analysis. She thinks it might be a portion used in unmentionable rites practiced by her ancestor, Keziah Mason, a witch whose trial scandalized Arkham in 1692. Your supervisor thinks it is more likely to be an alcohol or carbonyl compound misplaced by an absent-minded alchemy professor and then forgotten. Your assignment is to find out what family the mysterious liquid belongs to and then identify it."
Tags: book, lovecraft, science

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