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Three blog entries in search of a blogger

The buying explosive chemicals for schoolkids project got fully funded. I can't wait to get the little donor package full of pictures of smiling children with missing digits! Go check out other wonderful projects at donorschoose.

I would pay an extra $15 to unlock a secret feature in the new Prince of Persia game that would let you press a button to slap the main characters when they say something inane.

Finished Lucius Shepherd's The Ends of the Earth. Didn't much like the totality of the titular story, and a couple of the others got needlessly, meanderingly lyrical and over-stayed their welcome; in some of the stories, you can almost pinpoint the moment when Lucius ran out of the mellow shit and ill-advisedly drank all the bongwater before heading back for the typewriter. But other stories were top-notch. There's also an interesting focus on Central America, the military, American imperialism, and all the possible Venn diagram combinations thereof.
Tags: book, education, game

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