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Hip-Hop Bose-Einstein Condensate

Newly elected Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele plans an “off the hook” public relations offensive to attract younger voters, especially blacks and Hispanics, by applying the party's principles to “urban-suburban hip-hop settings.”

The accompanying picture just makes my day.

And bonus quote:

“I don't do 'cutting-edge,' “ he said. “That's what Democrats are doing. We're going beyond cutting-edge.”

OoooOOOOoooh.... beyond cutting edge!

Have you wanted to experiment with an utterly novel form of matter not experimentally created until 1995? But been put off by the difficulty of constructing your own confinement apparatus for your Bose-Einstein Condensate?

Your prayers have been answered by a new product on the market, ColdQuanta's RuBECi™ Ultracold Matter Cell, the first commercial instrument designed to enable the production of BECs and related forms of ultracold matter.

(Batteries, lasers, magnetic coils and ultrahigh vacuum pumping system not included.)

A plastic tube of live rubidium atoms will be shipped with your RuBECi. They should survive on the sugarwater inside the tube. However, should they expire during shipment, ColdQuanta will mail you replacement live rubidium atoms free of charge.
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