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Things at Casa Purpura are slowing down a bit. I'm the only awake creature, so while Violet remains on my lap, I'll delve deeper into my bookish purchases. Probably these will wind up on ebay eventually, so this will come in handy. OMG, the Amazing Stories are like a little museum I can get my fingers all over!

Amazing Stories Vol. 3 #11 (Feb 1929)

If you can't see that image, it's a T. Rex being zapped by an insectoid thing with a blaster.

The Captured Cross-Section by Miles J. Breuer, MD
The Lord of the Dynamos by HG Wells: "Holroyd liked a nigger because he would stand kicking" oh dear
The Sixth Glacier (part II) by Marius
Mernos by Henry James [no, not that Henry James. It seems James is actually a character in the story and is used pseudonymously as the author.]
Phagocytes by A H Johnson
The Death of the Moon by Alexander Phillips
The Last Man by Wallace G West (not the last human, evidently, but the last man in a world 'When Women Rule')

From the Masthead: Extravagant Fiction Today ... Cold Fact To-morrow

But the ads!
Amazingly Easy Way To Get Into Electicity - the copy is handwritten. It looks like HoL.
I Thought Radio was a Plaything - But Now my Eyes are Opened and I'm Making Over $100 a Week.
Learn the Banjo at Home
Sexual Education Series: Ten Volumes. Library Size. Only $3.50 the set! [by [sf author] David H. Keller]
How Long Will Byrd Take to Sail to the South Pole? Answer and win a Buick Sedan!
Houdini's Spirit Exposes and Dunninger's Psychical Investigations.

And the science fact! A nice article and photo of the living severed dog head in Russia.

Amazing Stories Vol. 3 #7 (Oct 1928)

If you can't see that, it's a robot strangling a lion.


The Menace of Mars by Clare Winger Harris ("the first woman to publish stories under her own name in science fiction magazines")
To the Moon by Proxy by J Schlossel
The Skylark of Space (part III) by Edward Elmer [Doc] Smith in collaboration with Lee Hawkins Garby
Reprisal by Thomas Richard Jones
The Voyage to Kemptonia by EM Scott

Find the Key to this Free House!
Electricity Means Well-Paid Jobs!
$100 a Week for Taking Pictures!
Fat Men! This new self-massaging belt not only makes you look thinner INSTANTLY -- but quickly takes off rolls of excess fat.
TELEVISION. Second Issue Just Out. In this new issue, complete instructions for building a television receiver.
Your Body Magazine.

Letters to the editor:
I am only nineteen and have but a high school education. Nevertheless...
[signed] Jack Williamson.

Amazing Stories Vol. 3 #3 (July 1928)

If you can't see that, it's, um, a pilot cringing away from a glowing ball.


Super-Radio by Charles Cloukey [Hmmm... someone partially colored in the artwork]
Vandals from the Moon by Marius [Wow! Some totally colored in the artwork!]
The Invisible Man (part II) by HG Wells
Baron Münchhausen's Scientific Adventures by Hugo Gernsback
Just Around the Corner by Raymond Knight
The Educated Pill by Bob Olsen

Are you hungry for adventure... popularity... Big Pay? Then choose Aviation!
Are you a red-blooded, daring he=man? Do you crave adventure, popularity, admiration, and the applause of great crowds?

Letters to the editor
"A Voice from the Philippine Islands"
"The Colour Out of Space ..."
In regard to my first choice in the September issue, "The Colour Out of Space," I did not see the colour, but there is a spot somewhere in New England like that described as the blasted heath, for I saw such a place when I was a boy about ten years old...
"Slang and Bad English in Stories"
Words like "gotten" and "holler" that are absolutely non-existent in the English language are introduced, until our language has become a sorry mixture spoken by a people of mixed nationalities.
[by Harold S. Farnese]
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