No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Spook, guest review by 7-year-old Mike

Spook is a witches dog. She treats him bad, but she can't have a cat because she sneezes. She sweeps up the leftover spells on the floor and puts them in a bottle to save for later. Then she puts Spook on her broom and they fly to the scary cave where the witches meet on Halloween, which is my favorite holiday.
The witches are creepy and angry and do magic, and they plan to do magic tricks on all the kids! Each one gets a bag of magic spells to trick people. Spook falls off the broom as they fly back and he falls on a little kid who wants to go trick-or-treating but hes to small. And his brother and sisters leave him behind, but the witch is chasing after Spook so they have to run away. And the witch casts magic spells on them and gets in trouble, and carries Spook and boy away to the coven where they have a battle of magic spells! Spook gets half turned into a caterpillar, and there's a funny picture of Spook being half a dog stuck to half a caterpillar.
I guess it has a happy ending, but the important thing is that there are lots of witches and a magical duel on Halloween!
Tags: book, nostalgia

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